Advanced LinkedIn
First Edition

Attract opportunities with the use of LinkedIn by building a buyer-centric profile, creating content and engaging with decision makers. Whether you want new clients and partnerships, hire and retain top talent, the Advanced LinkedIn is the right strategy for your team.

One-Day Mastermind Session for Business

During the intensive and rigorous one-day training on your company's office, your team will learn from the author of the Advanced LinkedIn book, Felipe Lodi, how to:

Build buyer-centric profiles that work like adverts consistent with the brand and offer of your company.

Listen to online conversations identifying the pain points of prospects until they are ready to engage.

Author and automate problem-solving content directly at the decision and changemakers of your industry.

Featured Clips

Don't Let Your LinkedIn Profile Hold You Back

Do you find yourself in a situation where you don't create content and engage on LinkedIn because you feel like your profile holds you back? It has never been more critical to establish a personal brand on LinkedIn. A trusted profile on LinkedIn will help attract and retain top talent to your business and increase the chances of sales and partnerships.

Storytelling Makes You Credible

What's your story? It is incredible and worrying about how people cannot put together a few lines about themselves. People love stories, and there is no better way to relate than putting off your challenges through life, your recent motivations and telling the world how you came to be what you are today. And here is why I believe that most people won't write their own stories: the fear of being judged.

Why Top Talent Will Always Prevail in Ireland

When you consider the number of qualified professionals working behind counters or cleaning floors in Ireland and companies demanding top talent on the other side, you wonder where the problem is.

Why Companies Want Diverse and Multicultural Teams

The Job Market nowadays will require more from you than just your graduation. Be dynamic, explore different segments, learn a new language and travel the world as you work to set you apart from the competition. The companies are benefiting from multicultural staff as they realised that people with different backgrounds, when put together, solve problems in a more efficient way.

How to Turn an Opportunity Into Your Living

Learn what I did to find my first work opportunity in Europe 10 years ago, how I passed my interview with little or no English and how I founded businesses in Ireland that are paying back to professionals who want to progress with their careers and lives in Europe.

Recent Articles

Treat Your Interview as a Sales Call and Close It.

My recent story tells me that I've been successful in most of the interviews I've done. When I used to work as an IT contractor for the majority of my professional life, I always saw me sending a CV as my marketing strategy whereas going to an interview as me having a sales meeting.

Here's What You Can Do to Network Better.

Much is discussed about networking, but very little is said about how you can effectively do it. But one point everyone agrees: It isn't optional. Especially if you have goals, you will depend on other people to make that happen.

Develop Your Brand and Attract the Right Opportunities.

A lot is said about Personal Branding. Browse online for a few minutes, and you will find a strong relationship about Influencers and their brands. No wonder people believe that having a brand means being present online. But I don't believe in it. Neither do I believe that only online, you can influence others. These are paradigms that must be broken if you are not ready to be exposed online yet.

You Don't Need Middlemen to Find Your New Job.

I once delivered a speech at the Dublin Tech Summit where I openly assumed my position against recruitment malpractices in Europe, especially in Ireland where we have our businesses.

How Recruitment Agencies are Adapting to Professionals.

I once made a public comment about a particular Recruitment Agency on LinkedIn. Though based on by my own frustrating experiences with recruiters, my mistake was to assume that this was another display of malpractice.

Get a Work Permit Without Applying for a Job.

In 2007 I decided that I wanted to leave Brazil and move to Europe. It seemed like an impossible goal, and I didn't have my wife buying the idea (yet.) But I had my will and my skill set by my side. I knew that if I found a way to show my potential to companies in Europe, I would have a shot.

Wake-up at 5 and Become an Ultra-Performer.

We are all used to have people telling us what to do. Since we are born, under humane conditions, we all have our parents directing our steps in life. History brought us Philosophers and religions. As kids, we're taught what is right and wrong, and that we're going to grow up to be the best in what we do.

How to Educate and Engage on LinkedIn.

There's a formula to succeed on LinkedIn, and to the ones willing to do the legwork, it's worth it. A well-structured LinkedIn profile uses stunning artwork, a compelling and problem-solving headline, and a buyer-centric summary that tells your story and explain why they must pick you.

What to Consider Before Becoming a 21st-Century Entrepreneur.

Modern techniques of entrepreneurship say that launching new products nowadays requires much more than quality and a beautiful Website. You must invest in your knowledge as a leader, build online authority with the constant creation of content, learn what people want and reverse engineer their habits as buyers.

What Job are You Gonna Have in the Future?

The revolution we're living is taking people out of jobs. But I see a clear effort to empower entrepreneurship and an ecosystem depending on new types of jobs. While experts advise you to try new things by becoming an entrepreneur, they also talk about attracting and retaining talent and the importance of teamwork and exceptional teams.

How to Turn an Opportunity Into Your Living.

My first job in 1994 was behind a counter. I was one of the guys helping with price consultations; The work consisted of flipping a big black book with the entire product catalogue and writing down the product code and quantity to an order form. It took me only two weeks to learn all the references and prices by heart, as that would give me an advantage over my colleagues.