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Advanced LinkedIn
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Attract opportunities with the use of Advanced LinkedIn by building a buyer-centric profile, creating content and engaging with decision-makers. Whether you want new clients and partnerships, hire and retain top talent, the Advanced LinkedIn is the right strategy for you and your team.

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The Advanced LinkedIn Book is available at Amazon

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One-Day Advanced LinkedIn Mastermind Session for Your Business

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During the intensive and rigorous one-day training at your company, your team will learn from the author of the Advanced LinkedIn book, Felipe Lodi, how to:

Build buyer-centric profiles that work like adverts consistent with the brand and offer of your company.

Author and automate problem-solving content directly at the decision and changemakers of your industry.

Engage in online conversations identifying the pain points of your leads until they turn into sales.


Felipe Lodi creates 21st-century branded professionals for businesses that want to sell, attract and retain top talent with the use of Social Media. He believes that the global demand for specialists can be met with the implementation of employer branding and the learning and development of professionals.

He teaches that when used strategically, a strong presence on LinkedIn influences the decision and changemakers. For the international job market, his vision is to establish a standard of professionals that won't need to be interviewed by recruiters or elected by governments. He wants to create a global culture of automated job admittance that will accelerate the hiring and retire the paper CV along with the middlemen.

At the end of 2018, he launched his first book, Advanced LinkedIn, documenting his Learning and Development and Social Selling methodologies that led thousands of people to succeed using the network.


Felipe Lodi talks about customer service and customer experience.

How to Make Your Clients Come Back for More.

Being on the other side of the servicing industry made me rethink what is right and wrong in terms of making clients happy. Add to the mix the challenge of keep improving our products to match what the clients need as we sell them; excellent customer service is always a subject of discussion among my teams. The way brands treat us will define how much we like dealing with them, and how often we will buy from them.

Felipe Lodi discusses the differences between professional and social networks.

Is LinkedIn a Social or a Professional Tool?

Since I launched my book about LinkedIn in 2018, this is the first time I write about the tool. Funny enough, I've been playing more with other tools such as Facebook and the amazing Instagram, and having our content ecosystem stronger elsewhere.

Felipe Lodi teaches how to create content for LinkedIn.

You Too Can Write Content. Learn How.

During High-School, I was the laziest person ever. I would wait until the last moment to study for an exam, and I would never take the time to write my essays. Writing a 500-word document was a nightmare, and I would do everything to get rid of work or study groups when researching was involved.


Don't Let Your LinkedIn Profile Hold You Back

Do you find yourself in a situation where you don't create content and engage on LinkedIn because you feel like your profile holds you back? It has never been more critical to establish a personal brand on LinkedIn. A trusted profile on LinkedIn will help attract and retain top talent to your business and increase the chances of sales and partnerships.

Storytelling Makes You Credible

What's your story? It is incredible and worrying about how people cannot put together a few lines about themselves. People love stories, and there is no better way to relate than putting off your challenges through life, your recent motivations and telling the world how you came to be what you are today. And here is why I believe that most people won't write their own stories: the fear of being judged.

Why Top Talent Will Always Prevail in Ireland

When you consider the number of qualified professionals working behind counters or cleaning floors in Ireland and companies demanding top talent on the other side, you wonder where the problem is.

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